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Alternative Editing

Page history last edited by Kevin Battleblood 9 years, 9 months ago

Please use this guide when pictures are being difficult while you are trying to add them via "CTRL+L":



  1. Open up the tab "Pages & Files" at the very top of the webpage.
  2. Look over to the left taskbar for "All Files" and click that.
  3. Over on the far right should be a Search prompt; type out a few characters as if you were using the prompt in CTRL+L and hit the [Enter] key to find matching files.
  4. Mouse-over each file so you can preview what they look like.  Click on the file you want to use.
  5. As you are taken to a new page with the picture on it, Right-Click on the picture, select "Copy Image" and then proceed to use CTRL+V or Right-Click-Paste to splice in the graphic!
  6. (optional)  And as always, if there's any help needed, feel free to contact me via Twitter or email!




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