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Birthday 1 - Contest 6

Page history last edited by Kevin Battleblood 8 years, 11 months ago

6.  The Bigger Picture [7/24/11]


10 Prizes

(3) 5,000 Crowns Codes

(1) Black Cat pet

(1) Crabling pet

(1) FOG Unicorn pet

(1) Red Gobbler pet

(1) Shardtail Dragon pet

(1) Storm Beetle pet

(1) Summer Dragon pet


Given a picture that's zoomed in to the pixel, players will try to guess what object (Wizard101 pets-related) is in the image!




PICTURE #1, Humongofrog Pet, guessed by Tabitha Darksword - 5,000 Crowns



PICTURE #2, Frostman Pet, guessed by Matthew Stormcaster - Black Cat



Picture #3, Taunt, guessed by Quinn Frostgrove - 5,000 Crowns



Picture #4, Dark Crow pet, guessed by Nathan Shadowweaver - Summer Dragon



Picture #5, Jellyfish pet, guessed by Dylan Ghostrider - FOG Unicorn



Picture #6, Unbreakable, guessed by Katherine Light - Red Gobbler



Picture #7, Dastardly Magician, guessed by Angel Winterbreeze - 5,000 Crowns



Picture #8, Pet Rock pet, guessed by Morgrim Trollfriend - Shardtail Dragon



Picture #9, Christmas Elf, guessed by Nathaniel Spellcaster - Storm Beetle



Picture #10, Blue Spider, guessed by Colin Petal - Crabling



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