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House-a-Palooza 2011

Page history last edited by Kevin Battleblood 12 years, 10 months ago

DISCLAIMER:  All contests have been CLOSED!




It's time for House-a-Palooza!

(click the H-a-P link for other sites that are participating!)


Hello, fellow Ravenwood students!  Most of us are returning to school on Earth very soon, and we're already feeling the dull ache of missing the beloved summer vacation.  *sigh*


Luckily, some of you will be able to revisit those fun memories and adventures...


...at the beach...





...in the woods/jungle...





...or mysterious, exotic places...




...with your very own Island Getaway!  



With the courtesy of Wizard101.com, the Petnome Project has been given the honor to bestow upon 15 lucky Wizards these beautiful homes.


All winners have been listed below!


NOTE:  Failure to follow all directions may result in automatic disqualification!  Contestants may not win more than one Island Getaway



Contest 1:  House-a-Pet-Looza!


Objective:  Create an exquisite and unique setting for a type of pet (of your choice) to roam around or live in, and describe in a short paragraph what it is!





First Place

Digby Hexcrafter

 Island Getaway AND 5,000 Crowns AND a Storm Beetle

The Secret Histories of the Spiral, part 6 - After the fall of Dragonspyre and the devastation of the great Drake hatcheries there, a group of Pyromancers met in secret to rescue and care for the last of the great Drake eggs and help rescue the noble drakes from extinction.
Using the greatest of their formidable mystical skills, the Pyromancers created chambers hidden deep within their fire-ringed towers, surrounded by lava and filled with steam and mystical fires, which replicated the heat and energies needed to incubate the drake eggs and to nurture the new hatchlings. 
Thankfully, the secret program was successful and the small group of Pyromancers were able to save the noble drakes from the very brink of extinction.  Today, the friendly and lovable drakes seen in Wizard City and throughout the spiral more than likely came from one of these hidden hatcheries and the wonderful Pyromancers who care for them...



Second Place

Christina Icedreamer

 Island Getaway AND 5,000 Crowns


All of Christina's dragons are named Nala. They live in this
cozy nest tailored for their care and nurturing. Many items from their
ancestral home in The Spiral, DragonSpyre, are displayed to help remind
them of their heritage. Eggs preparing to hatch into additional
beautiful dragons rest  near the fireplace for maximum warmth. A stack
of logs on the mantle makes it quick and easy to keep the flames going.
A charred copy of "The Care and Feeding of Dragons" rests atop the
mantle as well. One of the baby dragons accidentally sneezed a plume of
fire onto it. One special dragon has the title of Lady Nala; this dragon
was a gift from Christina's friend Lady of Blades and is named to honor her. 




Third Place

Nathaniel Spellcaster

Island Getaway  AND a Black Cat

The setting is inside the Care for Magical Pets classroom, where Ravenwood students are taught the proper way of taking care of their pets. They will learn how pets are unique in their own way. Students will also learn what each pet enjoys, as well as how to have a closer bond with their pet.



Runner Up #1

Malorn Ghostrider

  Island Getaway AND a Crabling

My theme of pets is death pets. Being ghosts, their favorite place to haunt is in a graveyard. So I made a graveyard here, complete with graves and dead trees. I also added some floating candles to  give it some extra spookiness. On the walls hang some framed death shields, to show that this dorm is haunted. I made these by using housing tricks to mix a ruined painting and death shield together. 



Runner Up #2

Sierra Mist

 Island Getaway AND a Summer Dragon


My setting is a Dragon Hotel where my pets stay and relax. Behind the rope, which is guarded my our strong Dragon, lies an exhibit of the Ultimate Dragon and a magical force holds up the candles. As you can clearly see, we have soft, luxurious grass which my Dragons lay down and relax on. If you look closely, you'll see Evil Magma Peas in the background growing, that's because we are growing food for the pets which will make them breathe fire.


Runner Up #3

Heather Blueblossom

 Island Getaway

My winged pets feel right at home with the blue sky and the solar obelisk, representing the sun, as they fly freely in my house. I love pets which fly about, and I have prepared this area especially for them. I will buy more winged pets in time to join this heavenly paradise.




Honorable Mention

Tabitha Darksword

This is where i train all my horses for the spiral and pet derby.

here they can get all the training they need for all the jumping,dodging, and running to get me quickly around the spiral. as well as being prepared for the derby.


Contest 2:  Pet-home Project


Objective:  Help fill in the missing blanks on a Petnome Page!






Random Contributor #1

Matthew Lifeflame

Island Getaway 


Random Contributor #2

Tanner Mistcloud

Island Getaway 


Random Contributor #3

Quinn Frostgrove

Island Getaway 


Random Contributor #4

Ben Frogstone

Island Getaway  




Contest 3:  Residential Raffle


Objective:  Become one of three lucky winners in a raffle!





Random Winner #1

Alejandro Misttamer

Island Getaway

What he says about the Island Getaway:


 Ahh.....The warm summer breeze is blowing across my face, while the tropical palm trees sway on the beach. A house which looks so small actually has much hidden inside. Every room inside the house is furnished with each school of magic (my primary school gets the largest room), the rest are furnished with games and fun interactive places to hang about.  Ahh....The Summer Never Ends




Random Winner #2

Matthew Spritefriend

Island Getaway 

What he says about the Island Getaway:


A peaceful, tropical, warm island. A perfect vacation for the wizard in need! What a beautiful place to stay. Comes with a strict defense system: no intruders allowed! As summer break ends, some wizards (like me!) will need a nice, watery getaway like this!




Random Winner #3

Autumn Fire

Island Getaway

What she says about the Island Getaway:


Hello, my name is Autumn Fire.  Surprisingly, I am a Storm wizard.  Marleybone, oh Marleybone. It's tough, evil, and very, very long. By the time you get out, you never want to go there ever again. Sadly, I am not yet out, and I won't be for a long time.   I wish I could have somewhere to just get away from it all. Maybe on my very own island, with my very own castle... I swear, if I ever got one, it would be the prettiest house on the block. I would probably splurge all my gold on furnishings without even realizing it. I would warm myself by the fire after a long, hard day at Chelsea Court. And after almost catching Meowiarty, I could take a swim at the beach, and wash all of my stress away. Having an Island Getaway would be absolutely amazing...

And that is my greatest wish.



Contest 4:  It Followed Us Home!


Objective:  Follow @Petnome on Twitter!




Random Follower #1


Island Getaway 


Random Follower #2


Island Getaway 


Random Follower #3

(...pending response from @SmithTrenton...)

Island Getaway


~~~~****~~~~GOOD LUCK!~~~~****~~~~


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