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Art and Lore Winners

Page history last edited by SorceressMiklai 8 years, 3 months ago

Not content just showcasing our grand prize winner this page is dedicated to the runner-ups! All the stories and Art therein are fine examples of characters, art, writing, and fun loving characters! We here at The Petnome Project enjoy all forms of creativity and Art as well as stories are some of the best ways to show off such a skill. As an artist and writer myself it brings me personal joy to see as many entries as we got and read all the stories.....it gives me hope that our generation can still brighten and inspire others. - Alric Ravensinger, The Petnome Team




"Art ya an Artist?"



This first image was our Grand Prize winner's toughest competition and for much of the judging was head to head with it. No doubt it is a fine example of art and a even greater example of using colors to create effects. Like the Grand Prize it took a not so original concept and transcended it with great colors, blending, which resulted in a "splash" effect. I am honored to present to you now our 1st Place Winner.....


A Piggle Painting by Alura Roseblade






White Dog by Kathy


Our second image shows what happens when you got solid lines....a clean image and a fantastic concept. I admit when I first saw this the Pokemon Enthusiast in me said; "That reminds me of Shaymin!". A great picture and your place among the top is well deserved.   




Fuzzy by FuzzyWuzzy


Third place? Ha in the cutest department this little fella wins top honors! We just couldn't ignore how simple yet effective the design is....and like it's namesake....it's soooo Fuzzy!



Dr. Do-Evil by Christina Shadowthief


You know? Sometimes being an honorable mention is a good thing. Sure you didn't win a prize but it lets you know your art is stellar and counted as exemplary. This is an example of that.





"So you wanna be a Loremaster?"


It's not always easy to come up with a story off the top of your head. Then you have certain requirements that have to be met ie, include a pet, theory-craft how they came to be, describe them (we have seen them but describing them in our own words...yeah) and some of them are mighty weird looking or have very strange habits. Yes, Red Gobbler, I'm talking about you. So, now I introduce to you, our First Place winner in the Lore contest...


David the Unicorn by Frogge



This story tells the tale of dark versus light, good versus bad, and how even the smallest pet can make the biggest difference. It may even make you nostalgic enough to want to stroll through Unicorn Way again. If only just to see it from a newer perspective.


Our second place goes to...


Staring Down the Beast: The Legend of the Basilisk & Wizards by Mythstone


Dive right into the action as you follow an Archmage Conjurer on his journey to protect a legendary Basilisk from poachers and the possibility of becoming extinct. Continue reading to find out how these creatures became the pets (and even hybrids) of Wizards across the Spiral.


Finally, for third, we leave you with...


Sidequest Stories #1: The Deck of Cards by Jacob Legendheart


A suspenseful, macabre tale of a poor, lowly Diviner who "takes" on more than he can handle. This story will have you engrossed and wanting more, but be warned that you "don't lose sight of what you are really bargaining for". Enjoy this tale with it's twisted ending.



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