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Spooky-tober 2012

Page history last edited by Alric Ravensinger 8 years, 7 months ago

Welcome, Welcome Ghouls, Goblins, and other creatures of the Otherworld.......to SPOOKY-TOBER 2012!   Sponsored by KingsIsle


So my tasty little morsels the uncommonly kind wizards at KI have graciously given this House of Horrors, this Institution of Forgotten Pets, THIS!......Prison of the Forsaken (Really! You have no idea how many pets just get dropped off at the front door! It's maddening!) a bevy of items to give away to our despicable yet commendable and great community. 


Check out what is available for the winning in my Cauldron! But beware.....sometimes it bites! Seriously!


Death House and Additional House Elixir

5,000 Crowns codes

Red Cap pets

Energy Elixirs

Jaguar Mount

The Spider pack

The Decorating pack

The Graveyard pack


Witch Doctor Mask: How delectably ugly. (Decorating Pack)

Decorating Pack. My, my look at that Cauldron stew!

Graveyard Pack. Personally I've always enjoyed the uncovering of then burial of bones.

Spider Pack. Not even this Necromancer cares for spiders! Eeek! Although that table is very tasteful.


Now onto the good stuff.....how do I ensnare you....I mean how do YOU win these items.

But first the rules!


Da Rules! 

1. You may not win another prize if you've won a Grand Prize or Crown Prize. But multi-winning spanning contests is allowed. However, you must inform us of any other contests you have entered. Only Twitter Trivia is open to anyone Contest or Grand Prize winners and Non-winners.


2. No repeat entries under another name. We will find out and you will be removed from the contest and possibly....all other future contests.


3. This isn't so much a rule as it is a reminder/warning.....all these codes expire by the end of 2012. So don't dawdle on redeeming you might lose your code.


4. Contests end on October 31st, 2012 at 12:00 PM (Noon) CST, No exceptions if you miss the deadline, and winners will be announced starting but not ending November 1st, 2012.


5. Any contest entry will be removed if you spam ask us about it, DO NOT INCLUDE your Wizard or Community name, or DO NOT INCLUDE the required data for your entry i.e. images etc.


6. Any bad behavior will result in our right to refuse to include you in this contest. This applies to all forms of communication i.e. Twitter, E-mail, In game etc. Be nice folks give someone a treat not tricks.



Now onto the contests:



Contest #1: Talent Submission CLOSED

As on the front page you may submit talents or derbies for certain pets. Each submission that is accepted goes toward a chance for you to win awesome prizes.


List of pets you can submit talents for the contest:

Gargoyle 59

Ash Spider

ANY Lv 78 School pet

ANY pet from the Halloween pack (i.e. Gob O' Lantern etc)

ANY pet from Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions packs

ANY new pet(s) that may come in October (Just FYI this is NOT a hint at a new item just a precaution in case a new pet does come out)


Remember the talents or derbies must be new UNDISCOVERED not preexisting talents/derbies.




Death House, Elixir, all 3 packs, and a Jaguar Mount. (Grand Prize)

Red Cap pet

Energy Elixirs

Jaguar Mount and all 3 packs (Three winners for this one)


Contest #2: Test time! CLOSED 

Below is 10 questions/trivia. Answer them correctly if you can then e-mail them to us at petnome@hotmail.com. The first 10 correct "tests" win! Be sure to include your Wizard or Community name. Prizes won't be given out until later....possibly.



Fastest correct winner also gets 5,000 Crowns

All 3 Packs x10


1. What original holiday did Halloween evolve from?


2. Which pet on Petnome was completed 11/7/10? (Hint: This pet no longer exists as a drop)


3. Name this Derby and it's rank i.e. Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-rare:

Effect: Remove Jump

Target: Leader

Duration: 8 Seconds

Cooldown: 30 Seconds


4. Name this pet card: (Hint: It gets it at Ancient)

Damage: 280

School: Death

Accuracy: 85%

Effect: +35% to Next Death Spell


5. Which pet is listed FIRST on the Derby page for Leech? (Hint: Pet list is in alphabetical order)


6. What Crown pet drops from Nightshade during Halloween season in Wizard101?


7. True or False? The Ianthine Spectre has the talent "Death Trap"?


8. True or False? The Black Spider has 6 Passive talents? (Non-wizard stat altering or interrupt talents)


9. What pedigree is a first generation Ghost Dragon?


10. Which DEATH pet has Kestrel Shadowthistle listed as the contributor for the 1st slot Talent and Derby? (Hint: Pet's pedigree is 42)



Contest #3: Twitter trivia. CLOSED 

Random Twitter trivia involving Pets, Petnome, Halloween, and Popular culture.



Random packs









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