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Zeke's Gold 2013

Page history last edited by Alric Ravensinger 6 years, 11 months ago

Brought to you by The Petnome Project and Kingsisle



Zeke's Gold



The Story:


In a mine somewhere in Cool Ranch lies a vast wealth of Gold. It was mined by a man named Zeke...see Zeke he was one of best prospectors of the Cool Ranch Gold Rush age. They say his descendants still roam the Spiral...searchin' for Gold and all kinds of wealth. But the legend remains....Zeke was the richest mine owner but he also loved ancient things...what's more lucrative to an old miner than ancient gold? Zeke came into contact with a seller of ancient gold taken from a Leprechaun. The man told him "This gold is worth more than a King's hoard, legend even says it can grant you a wish, but there is one thing you must never do, never tell anyone about this gold, if you do....to speak of the gold is to speak of the owner to which it belongs, invoke their name and they will come to claim what was once theirs." Zeke thinking the man crazy bought the gold and wasted no time telling everyone from his headquarters in Junction to Marleybone and some say even beyond that! Needless to say he was dead wrong in calling on those ancient beings...the details are lost with every Wizard, Marleybonian, and their Pa adding their own take to the story. But...legend says the Leprechauns in which the gold originally belonged to came to Zeke's mine in Junction to claim their gold. A battle ensued...Zeke being as rich as he was hired mercenaries from MooShu to protect his mine...in the end though it was not enough and with his small force defeated the Leprechauns were fixin' to take back their gold. Zeke though remembered that you could wish on the gold, so he took up a gold piece, and wished that the gold remain his forever. It was at that moment that the mine began to collapse on itself....Leprechaun, miner, mercenary, heck even the wind horses from MooShu called Ki-Rin couldn't all escape and were buried alive. So the legend ends...Zeke and his mine were lost....seems like the power he called on not only collapsed the mine but the whole mountain side around Junction. Some say though, that Zeke hid pieces of his hoard in places all around the Spiral, and if you can collect all of them....you'll find Zeke's Lost Gold Mine.....


Will you find your treasure? Or leave empty handed? 



The Rules:

You may win more than once but each code is only good for one redemption PER ACCOUNT. So you may want to share with a friend or relative if you win twice.

These codes expire at the end of March, so redeem them or else lose your prize.

You may win more than once but DO NOT send in multiple entries on a single contest, you'll be disqualified.

Cheat in any way, shape, or form and you'll be banned from future contests.

Harassing or spamming the inbox or a Petnome team member and you'll be banned from future contests.

Use good sportsmanship and be happy for others who win.


Most importantly...Have fun!


The Prize:

A code containing the following items:

1 Gold Kirin Mount

1 Gold Wyvern Mount

50,000 Gold pieces (in-game gold)

5,000 Crowns

1 Sun Palace House

1 Hatching Elixir

1 Additional Housing/Castle Space Elixir

1 Major Gold Elixir

A chance at one of these 4 Leprechaun pets:

Death Leprechaun

Myth Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun







Contest 1: Smelt your own story

Ends: 3/20/13

Create an original story, involving anything related to gold. Be it mines, Leprechauns, Pot of Golds, Four leaf clovers, anything really. Your story can be as short as a paragraph or two or as long as a few pages. Make it interesting and make sure it takes place somewhere in the Spiral.

Be sure to include your Community or Wizard name and sent your entries to petnome@hotmail.com



1. Kimberly Winterflame

2. Calamity Grove

3. Anna Greenthistle


Contest 2: Seek the Life (Hide and Seek)

Ends: When all 3 Hide and Seeks are over.

When announced on Twitter, come seek out one of the Petnome team's Life Wizards, they will be hiding somewhere in the Spiral. They will give a few clues to Their whereabouts but it's up to you to figure them out!



1. Blaze Firebreath

2. Victoria SilverDust

3. Nathan Ashthistle


Contest 3: Spring-tide Pets

Ends: 3/19/13

Create a pet for either Wizard101 or Pirate101, this can be just a description or a picture or both! Make sure your creation is Spring themed. Points will be awarded on effort, creativity, and originality. Don't forget to include your Community or Wizard name and send your entries to petnome@hotmail.com



1. Tabitha Ashcrafter

2. Andrew Sunstone

3. James Dragoncatcher



Giveaway: Zeke's Bounty

Anyone who participates in Zeke's Gold contests is eligible to win a prize pack! These lucky folks will be chosen by the staff of The Petnome Project! If you're selected please provide a way for us to contact you or email us at petnome@hotmail.com



1. Ellie

2. Kimberly Winterflame

3. Blaze Skullweave

4. Edward Winterblade

5. Jenna Stormheart


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